buy clomid free shipping bobogden-bumperRobert “Bob” Ogden, a resident of West Tisbury with his wife Jeanne and daughter Olivia, has won the Democratic primary on September 8th, and is now in the general election that will decide who will replace Dukes County Sheriff Michael McCormack.

Bob Ogden Family

Jeanne & Bob Ogden, and daughter Olivia

Mr. Ogden has been employed at the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office for 26 years, acting as Director of the Drug Information Bureau for 22 of those years, with a range of duties including, but not limited to:

  • Regional Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officer
  • Grant Writer
  • Community liaison for youth prevention services
  • DARE Operation Challenge Ropes Course project coordinator, manager, maintenance, and counselor
Roert Ogden for Sheriff of Dukes County 2016

Robert Ogden for Sheriff of Dukes County 2016

Bob has served on many boards dedicated to youth services across the island and has been President of the Dukes County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association Inc. for over 20 years. Bob’s knowledge of Massachusetts General Law, as it relates to correctional regulations and practices, has afforded him the distinct privilege of being appointed by Sheriff McCormack to several committees which reviewed, developed, and disseminated the Sheriff’s Office’s Personnel By-laws, in the areas of local and state correctional operating procedures.

Mr. Ogden’s interest in running for Sheriff arises from a deep desire to serve the community which has afforded his family and him so many opportunities.

Mr. Ogden: “The next Sheriff will be faced with a formidable task in addressing the needs of an ever evolving community and regional agency. He must have the fortitude and ability to collaborate with local law enforcement, probation, fire, emergency agencies and community services to forge a regional partnership dedicated to the well-being of our island community. I believe my experience and acumen makes me the natural successor to build upon the foundation Sheriff McCormack has built.

“I am qualified and prepared to assume the task of operating our correctional facility, maintaining security and programming, serving civil process, operating and expanding our Community Corrections Center, and providing a progressive, inclusive, and modern 911 Regional Emergency Communication Center.”


  • Expand upon the foundation Sheriff McCormack has laid over his 40 years of public service and 18 years as Sheriff of Dukes County.
  • Work closely with the courts, probation, and community services to develop a robust and comprehensive diversion program, and expand rehabilitative services.
  • Expand and build upon current re-entry programming, to provide comprehensive and meaningful changes to offenders’ lives, so they may return to society better equipped to contribute and succeed.
  • Continued collaboration with local Police, Fire, and EMS, to provide the most modern, up-to-date, and efficient Enhanced 911 Emergency Communication System.
  • Continue to provide and expand community policing initiatives in support of youth drug prevention and elderly health and safety programming.
  • Rehabilitate and augment the current 1872 Jail and House of Correction so that it is aesthetically pleasing and does not impact the surrounding community at its current location, but is capable of accommodating the offenders’ basic needs and ensures a publicly safe and secure facility that satisfies the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ correctional regulations and standards for care and custody of all persons committed to any county correctional facility.

Thank you for YOUR SUPPORT and your vote.