People make the difference, they cast the votes. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about this candidate:

Not only did “Deputy Bob” do a great job with the DARE program educating our children on choices and consequences, but he brought the Ropes course to the Vineyard. An amazing teaching tool for teamwork that has been utilized by everyone from elementary school students to law enforcement department members and many in between. Good luck Bob.” — Mick Vukota, former Sheriff’s Dept. Deputy

“Bob is simply a stand up guy: honest and well-intentioned. You can look him in the eye and get a direct answer that he has clearly thought about. He gives a passionate instructional lesson to children on the brain, a drug’s effect on it, and how to understand and effectively deal with this delicate issue. He has ideas for improving our community and the Sheriff Department’s critical role in the issues, and earnest efforts to do it.” – A. Mahoney, Oak Bluffs